A collection of responses to a prompt. A braid is created by setting a prompt and a response length. Responses can then be collected using a link or QR code.

Brand Assets

Image, audio, video, and colors that fulfill an organization's brand standards. Brand assets are available to users during the creation of clips. They make it quick and easy to create branded content.


An edited short-form video created from combining responses. Clips can be downloaded and published anywhere and everywhere.


A video that will play when someone selects a shared link or QR code. A greeting can add extra context and personalization to a Braid prompt.


The question or statement a Braid is sourcing content around. When someone clicks a Braid link or QR code they are presented with the prompt. They then form their response to the question.

Replies Visible

Enabling allows anyone who has access to a Braid prompt from a shared Link or QR code to see what others have said before making their response. They can select another response and reply to it directly. This allows creators to crowdsource conversational content asynchronsously.


Content collected relative to the prompt provided by a Braid. Responses can be video, text, or images. Responses can be collected from members of or an organization or sourced from anyone using a link or QR code.


A cut from a response that be can added to a clip or downloaded as its own clip. Segments are created from selected a quote from a transcript.