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We help you unleash the power of video.

Create the video assets you need to drive real result. Create and cut short form clips from testimonials, interviews, and thought leadership content with ease.


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The story behind us

We started Braid because we felt the difficulty of creating testimonials and interviews. At another company, we attempted to interview customers, employees, and advisors. Our plan was to use these videos to drive traffic to our website. When we set out to do it, we had a horrible time. They were too long, people reading off cards, and got little engagement. It was an embarrassing waste of time and money. However, it gave us an idea for a better way to create and share this type of content.

The mission behind all our work

We elevate discourse and connect people through discussions. We take the anxiety out of live production. You can take your time, think about what you want to say, and get it right. By giving everyone a platform to create and share great discussions, we hope to not only improve businesses, but help improve dialogue.

Create Community Through Discussion

The best discussions happen when you take your time, think before we speak, and listen to others.


Curates entertaining discussions. Content that entertains garners attention. We want to give you the attention you deserve.


Facilitate informative discussions. Content that informs helps people make better decisions. We want to give you the ability to inform your audience.

Evoke Empathy

Bring people together for empathetic dialogue.  Exchanging ideas helps people understand your organizations' important perspectives.

Drive Results

Creates assets to drive real results. Short form video content that allows your organization to put its best foot forward on video will translate into real ROI.

The amazing team behind our company

Our co-founders have worked together for over a decade on many projects. We are passionate about delivering real value for you and your organization.