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Amplify authentic voices with video first testimonials, thought leadership, and more.
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How it Works:

Braid It! empowers you to capture, edit, and publish short-form videos directly from your audience:

You create the prompts, your community responds. 


Share your prompt and watch your content library grow with responses from customers, team members, and industry thought leaders.
Short-form content that shines
Capture authentic responses. Share them with your world. All in just 3 taps. No app required.
Combine, edit, and repurpose with AI
Maximum value from minimal effort. Each prompt captures authentic responses that can be repurposed in 30+ different ways.
Publish anywhere.
Or everywhere.
Schedule ahead of time with our content calendar. Tailor posts to platforms and change tones using transcription and AI.
Sourcing Content Made Simple
Finally, a streamlined content supply chain delivering consistent User Generated Content.

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Access your account with web, Android, and iOS applications. Integrated APIs allow content sourced with Braid It! to be shared with tools you know and love.

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"A game changer in the content creation world!"

- Nuria Garcia, Founder @ NbN Marketing