How it works!

Leverage your customers, team, and audience to create more content and amplify their voices.

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Set a Topic

Pick a topic for discussion. For thought leadership it can be something serious. For customer testimonials it can be something fun.


Crowdsource Content

Leverage your customers, team, and audience to create more content. Prompt them to record a video reply simply by sharing a link.


Combine. Edit. Publish.

Stitch together the best clips. Export your videos in a variety of aspect ratios to share to your social media platforms, website, or wherever your heart desires.

Grow your community & ramp up engagement - Braid It!

Optimize your content supply chain.

Safe and secure

Go from idea to published branded video asset quickly and cost effectively.

Publish clips to channels that drive results

Optimize your content supply chain. Shorten time to value. Go from idea to creative asset faster by creating sharable clips and exporting them to high performing channels.

Authentic Content With Organic Reach

Thought Leadership

Position your partners, executives, and sales leaders as experts. Collect short video responses to timely topical prompts.


Collect short video testimonials from real customers. Video social proof is the next best thing to a referral.

Expert Interviews

Position your brand as a category leader by collecting content from industry experts. Save time by going straight to short-form.

Source UGC

For D2C brands, source authentic content from real customers using a QR code on a package or link in a receipt.

Live Events

Source content and leads using QR codes at trade show exhibits and workshops. No need to hire a video production crew.

Audience Engagement

Crowdsource content using your following on social channels. Simply create a prompt, post the link, and collect raw responses.

Accelerate Content Velocity

Content demands are increasing but budgets are shrinking. Do more with less...Braid It! Make high quality video content easy, collaborative, and affordable.

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Make content marketing a team sport.

We worked with over 600 content marketers, video podcasters, and social media managers to create a amazing product. Hear from them what they love about Braid It!

"Its like an all-in-one: Twitter, Instagram, Clubhouse, and its the best way to interact with people organically"

Jenna Duddleston
Bar Talk With Jenna

"As a creator, Braid give me a platform to engage with my audience on my own timetable."

Rodney Perry
Life's Asking

"It freaking genius!"

Katie Barnett
Level After Next

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