February 7, 2024

Content as Sales Enablement

Get your sales team consistently posting branded content by providing them access to a catalog of content they can schedule and publish anywhere and everywhere.

Organic reach on social is strongest with personal accounts...not business pages.

Imagine the impact your sales team would have if they were able to position themselves as thought leaders in their industry.

Not only would their content get further reach, they could convert engagement to leads and shorten close time.

The issue is always coaching this team on what, how, where, and when to post.

They also may not be the strongest content creators.

In 2024, making content marketing a skill of sales team can be an exponential revenue driver.

So why don't organizations invest in training and providing the right tools to makes them successful creators?

It's really that marketing and sales are not properly aligned on the impact that content can have as a sales enablement tool.

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