Release Notes - v1.2.37

Added Text Posts and Image Responses
  • Using the three dots next to the record button, users can switch between making Video, Image, and Text posts
  • Image and Text responses can not yet be added to a clip (Coming soon)
  • Hosts on braids are able to alter the formatting of text posts. This will be useful when they are able to add them to clips.
Added Realtime Communication (websockets)
  • Posts will no longer immediately appear in the Braid feed when posting as a user.  
  • When posts are created, a message saying “Your post has been submitted. It will be available soon” will appear.  
  • Once the content of the post is ready (including the transcript in the case of videos), users will receive a notification in the web app that content is ready.  If they happen to be on the post info screen, the new content should automatically appear for them
  • When a guest makes a post, users will only be informed of it when the content is ready.  The will be informed via notification and email.
  • In the event the transcript fails to create, the response will become visible (including notification) after ~2-3 minutes
Transcripts are now translated to English as the default
  • All transcripts are default translated to English to standardize language
  • Conversion to other language translations will be available soon
The “Accept Invitation” form has been updated to make it clearer
  • The “Accept Invitation” form has been updated to make it clearer that the invited user is not about to create a new organization, but rather join the existing org.