February 7, 2024

Source Authentic UGC Content...From Your Real Customers

Nearly every company wants to feature content from real customers...Doings so is easier said than done.

Collecting video content from real customers doesn't have to be difficult.

The best videos come from real customers, who really do enjoy your product.

Collecting this type of content used to be a hassle. You would have to hire production crews, get waivers signed and hope that you get a positive response.

We have had conversations with hundreds of CPG and D2C companies and found that sourcing this content is their number one hurdle in deploying it effectively in their content marketing.

There is real friction in sourcing authentic UGC content from real customers

We have heard that feedback and built a creative way to source it...at scale.

You can use Braid It! to collect real content from real customers, using just a link in an e-receipt or QR code on a shipping invoice. This is not just your average QR code.

This fill your content catalogue where you can seamlessly combine, edit, and publish anywhere and everywhere.

Imagine the impact posting twice a day of real customers enjoying your products. Imagine the organic reach if you tagged each of them.

Not only will you be driving revenue by creating new customers, you will deepen a connection with an existing customer and convert them into a repeat.

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